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Feel like Farming?


Every year about this time we begin to hear from folks who want to learn about farming, animals or who just have a passion for the outdoors and healthy food.  Because of the structure of our farm, our primary needs are for delivery of orders and for farmer's market representation. 


We appreciate the generous hands who wish to help our farm, and will certainly reach out if opportunities arise.  At this point, we are not hiring seasonal help, except for delivery and sales (see more info below).  



Farmer's Market Salesperson


We need additional hands to serve as the primary (1st) or secondary (2nd) salepeople to represent our farm at seasonal farmer's markets.  Markets take place on Thursday (3 - 7), Friday (3 - 7) and Saturday (9 am - 1pm).  First positions come to the farm to pickup coolers of food at 7 am and return to the farm after the market to unload unsold food.  They meet their 2nd at the market approximately 45 minutes before the market begins in order to setup the stand and prepare to sell.  During the market, they answer questions, serve customers and provide cooking tips and health information.  At the conclusion of the market, both 1st and 2nd pack up the coolers and stand, at which time the 2nd departs and the 1st comes back to the farm to offload. 


Job Requirements:  Both positions involve lifting heavy coolers - with help.  Each person should be able to stand comfortably for 4 - 5 hours and lift at least 60 lbs.  Markets run from May through Thanksgiving.  An every-other-week or periodic position is possible (job share), but we do need folks who are available for the full season and who are able to be consistent.  (We unfortunately cannot hire college labor unless you can continue into the fall, or we drop off a cliff in September!)  


Email us for more information if you are interested:

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