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Each year, we’ve added something to our farm.  In 2013, we added Heritage Pork to our lineup, because we enjoy pork, we have a lot of kitchen and garden scraps, and because factory farmed pork scares us, and there needs to be a better alternative.  We are raising) Duroc pork and our last processings will be in December.  Get any custom cut orders in before then!


2138 Valley Hill Road

Malvern, PA 19355


Phone: 610.827.1594
(For a quick response, email is best!)




What do you feed your pigs?

Pigs are designed very differently from sheep.  They don’t graze, they forage.  They eat greens, but they also love roots, acorns, and all sorts of scraps.  Our pigs eat a mix of them all.  Between our family and those of our extended family, neighbors and market friends, we are able to provide our pigs with a full trash bin a day of food scraps that they go nuts over.  We add the fallen apples, spent chicken from stock (chickens and bones that have cooked for 5 days to make the stock) and millions of acorns that fall on our property at this time of year, and we have a pretty full bin of food for them daily. 


How is Heritage Pork different?

Heritage pigs aren’t bred for production and weight, so they tend to be smaller than “commercial” breeds and they have smaller litters.  However, they have a bit more “natural” body fat and a much more meaty taste than the pork you’re used to from the store. 


Can I special order different pork products?

Absolutely.  Just as with lamb, if you’re on our email list, we alert you to processing dates and special order deadlines.  We’re happy to request custom cuts or unique items.  If our butcher is willing to do it, we’re game to try. 




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