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Chicken Pot Pie - SMALL

12 oz

Chicken Pot Pie - LARGE

36 oz

Chicken Stock

1 quart containers

Whole Chickens - SOLD OUT

5 up to 7 lbs

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast

2 breasts per pack. Typically 1.5 lbs/pack.

Split Chicken Breasts

Two per pack with skin on and the rib bones still in the meat. Packs are typically 3 - 4 lbs per pack, but they also vary.

Leg & Thigh

Chicken Leg and thigh (still connected) with 2 per pack.

Chicken Livers

1 lb packs.

Chicken Backs OR Necks

Backs: 6 lb packs, Necks: 3 lb packs

Ground Pastured Chicken

1 lb packs, breast meat only (white meat).