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Wayne and Jeannette Grabe founded Canter Hill Farm in 2008 and have grown from being a really, really, really tiny farm to just a tiny farm.  In 2013, we transitioned from two full-time jobs and a farm to one full time job and one full time farmer (Wayne!)  Our four kids help in different ways, including making the animals more "child tolerant" (our 3 year old is especially good at this), but somehow it all works.  





2022 Season: All markets below are are open for retail purchases.  Look below for guidance on those hours



Bryn Mawr:

Every Saturday from 9 am - 1 pm in the Train Station parking lot.  


WHERE:  Bryn Mawr Train Station Parking Lot:  Corner of Route 30 and Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA


Chestnut Hill:

Every Saturday from 9 am to noon

WHERE: Winston Road between Germantown Avenue and Mermaid Lane



Kennett Square & Media

We arrange meet-ups.  Email if interested.



On the Farm:

We are open Fridays from noon to 4 pm.  









Between full-time jobs and lots of kids to run around, we find it easier to hear from you - when would you like to pick up? - and set up a time.  (


Please understand that if you visit the farm, you visit our home and our family.  Therefore, we ask that you schedule a time rather than a suprise visit, or you may be suprised to find us weeding in our pajamas (which might scar you for life!)  



Ordering ahead:

1.  Consider ordering ahead.  It gives us a chance to be sure we have what you want and have it ready for you.  Digging through the freezer isn't really entertaining for you.

2.  Please only come during arranged times, or order ahead.  We occasionally get out to do things, and wouldn't want to miss you.

3.  Understand that a visit is not a tour.  For insurance reasons and because we have limited time, we don't offer tours.  Visits are for picking up items only.



Wayne Grabe


We don't really have titles, we just have a lot of work, a lot of animals and a very large "to-do" list.

If you ask Wayne where he's from, he'll tell you Rhodesia, but he grew up in South Africa.  I met him while he was working as a game ranger in the Sabi Sands Game reserve in South Africa, and the compromise to get him to live in America was that we had to have more land than a postage stamp and a few animals to keep him busy. 

Jeannette Grabe


Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I'm the area native, but neither of us knew ANYTHING about farming.  We both loved the outdoors, enjoy animals and had a concern about all the changes that are being made in the food industry. 

We started the farm to raise food for our personal use.  Friends quickly started asking if they could get items from us.  From 2008 to 2013 we balanced two full time jobs and three kids while learning a lot.  In 2013, Wayne moved to farming full time (I still work away from the farm) to give it a go. 

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